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Welcome to LMPC

Registration no.: 9520-07004232 | CIN: 0102070290

  • Helps you build financially

    The LMPC is building the members’ resources thru their investment & savings for the purpose of operating its own business.

  • Offers you Services

    Lamac MPC offers various products and services brought you by our very own cooperative.

  • Teaches you to earn

    Lamac MPC continues to educate the members more livelihood programs and help them manage their resources wisely.

  • Secures the Members

    The LMPC has Mortuary Aid System to help the members in times of death by extending financial assistance.

Our History

Lamac is a secluded and isolated valley southwest of Cebu; 14 km. to the town of Pinamungajan and 42 km. via Lutopan to the City of Cebu.

Lamac populace was mostly farmers whose problem was to acquire their basic needs and services. Hence, Barangay Lamac before was without roads, only trails; without electricity, only kerosene lamps that dotted the darkness like fireflies; without tap and potable water, only deep-well and spring; no transportation of any kind, except their two feet which had grown callous to the thorny and dangerous trails as the main vehicle to transport basic needs and produce of the community.


Be part of our growing cooperative.


Contact us

Postal address:

Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu, 6039

Head Office:

Sipaway, Luray II, Toledo City, Cebu


Head Office: (032)467-8171


Support: lamacmpc@yahoo.com

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