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 Launched in 2004, the Coop Youth Planet is Lamac MPC’s laboratory cooperative, operated primarily by the youth. Its aim is to produce empowered youth through Cooperative values and principles. Ready to become next-in-line leaders, this program continues to bring forth the bright new faces of the Coop movement.


To empower the youth through socio-cultural activities and economic enterprises that lead to a more progressive society.


The leading diversified laboratory cooperative with globally competent and well-trained young leaders committed to empowering the youth holistically.

The five (5) core components of the CYP Lab Coop are the (1) Aflatoun, (2) Capability Building, (3) Business Hub, (4) Gender Equality, and (5) Sustainable Agricultural Education Program, and these serve as the blueprint from which the CYP conducts its programs and services to its members.

AFLATOUN PROGRAM. The flagship program of the CYP Lab Coop that generates savings and membership expansion. Focusing on a balance of social and financial education, the program works with firm support from the Department of Education (DepEd) and the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO). By 2019, a total of twenty-five (25) partner schools under CYP Lab Coop are implementing Aflatoun within three (3) municipalities. It helps the youth develop a habit of saving, as they can deposit as little as one peso (₱1.00) per day.

CAPABILITY BUILDING. Caters to the need of young members in enhancing their skills and talents. The program consists of two clubs. First, the CYP Performing Arts assists members in developing their talents like singing, dancing, modeling, and acting. CYP Lab Coop provides an avenue where they can expose their talents and earn income from talent fees. Second, The CYP Production House offers event organizing like camps, team building, pageants, and other church and/or community-related activities all being facilitated by the young minds; equipping the youth with skills and proper knowledge to become confident enough in event management, and allowing them to partake in healthy endeavors to keep from doing vices.

GENDER EQUALITY. CYP Lab Coop advocates Gender Equality with the practice of equal treatment among men, women, and even LGBTQ+. A short film titled “Teressa” was created by young members, with the aim to tackle gender abuse. Conducting gender sensitivity trainings for the youth will also promote certain causes to promote gender equality.

SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION PROGRAM. Aiming to secure the active engagement of the youth in agro-entrepreneurship, this program aims to ultimately aid the agricultural sector in developing competent, young agripreneurs. This program is implemented by providing technical trainings such as Organic Production NC II in partnership with TESDA, immersion visits for senior high school students, and activities that promote green jobs for the youth by having a learning site duly accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Agricultural Training Institute (ATI).

CYP Lab Coop won first (1st) place in the Coop Pitch during the first International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) International Youth Summit for Asia and Pacific last 2016 in Bali, Indonesia, with its winning project proposal titled “Youth Engagement into Organic Farm Production and Farm Tourism,” empowering Lamac MPC to host the second International Youth Summit in 2018, catering to more than one hundred fifty (150) international delegates.

Continuously fulfilling its mission to empower the youth through sociocultural activities and economic enterprises that lead to a more progressive society, and its vision to be the leading diversified laboratory cooperative with globally competent and well-trained young leaders committed to empowering the youth holistically, the CYP has more than twenty four thousand (24,000) young members all over the Visayas and a total savings generation amounting to more than thirty million pesos (₱30,000,000.00) as of 2019.

CYP is one of the most successful youth cooperatives in the Visayas, gaining awards and recognition both locally and internationally, including a Best Film Production Award and a Joe Biden Award by the International Credit Union Leadership Development and Education (ICULD&E) Foundation awarded in London, United Kingdom.


This is the business aspect of the CYP Lab Coop. Enterprises are managed by the CYP in order to generate income to support its social activities, helping to promote a self-sustaining youth organization. CYP manages CYP Design and Prints, CYP Garments Center, Recycled Paper Products, Candle Production, Soap Making Production, and Function Hall Rental.

Garments, Prints & Design

A Shared Service Facility (SSF), the CYP Garments, Prints & Design answers to our members’ garments, printing, and embroidery needs.


Soap Production Facility

Our Soap Production Facility processes soap products derived from buffalo’s milk straight from the farm. 


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